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International Fitness Observatory


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About us

"Mundum numeri regunt"

Platone - V Sec. AC

Our Story

The founders of the IFO observatory come from many years of international expertise in the field of Fitness, numbers and ICT

Our Vision

The International Fitness Observatory IFO wants to be a leading international research institute in the field of fitness. It aims to take care of the detection and processing of technical-economic information relating to the fitness market with the relative publication of studies and statistics of international surveys.


The IFO bigdata aims to be an important source of information on the fitness market, also serving as a useful reference tool for all market operators and investors, as well as for researchers and scholars in the fitness sector, for public and private research institutes and also for the individual citizen.


IFO Methodological notes


The Methodological Notes illustrate, from time to time, the data collection, extraction, selection, analysis and processing procedures underlying the statistics and algorithms used.

Among the various information, the Source of the data, the territorial coverage, the observation period, the methodology of aggregation of the structures, etc. will be indicated in IFO publications.

All the methodological criteria will be illustrated in detail to ensure a better understanding of the texts, graphs and tables in the Statistics emerged from the analyzes and published by the Observatory.

The IFO investigations are conducted on samples defined from time to time depending on the specificity of the areas of analysis.


Our Goal

Through periodic surveys, IFO's goal is to carry out surveys and methodologically accurate research. 

IFO wants to identify emerging phenomena and trends every year to develop reports, sector studies, editorial products and databases

The dates of the presentations of the activities, events, collaborations, press conferences and publications developed during the year will be detailed

in each IFO country's internal calendar




The IFO Observatory takes care of his data gathered througt management and publication of:

• summaries of data emerging from research in the various countries analyzed

• research developed with the various Universities, Organizations, Associations and Companies in various countries

How Data is Collected

The activity of data collection and processing through the adoption of advanced analytical techniques in the various countries for the purpose of research is carried out directly by the IFO Observatory in close collaboration with the Universities, Bodies and Associations of the various countries analyzed. In each search, technicians, analysts and market surveyors will operate, performing direct activities according to the Operational Survey Plans whose objectives will be determined from time to time.

IFO Network

The activity also makes use of the network formed by the collaboration relationships signed by the IFO Observatory with some important Universities and organizations in order to guarantee, in a stable and transparent way, information sources and high-level scientific analysis, necessary to carry out the investigations of the market



How Data is Collected
What Done

The collaboration foresees a synergic operational activity, for the methodologies, for the expansion of the information flows, for the qualitative improvement and the development of the IFO survey through the cooperation in the research of the technical and economic elements contained in the detection programs and in the analysis of the emerged indications of the fitness market trend.

The activity of data collection and processing in various countries for research purposes is carried out directly by the IFO Observatory in possible collaboration with Universities, Organizations and Companies at an international level.

The IFO Observatory considers it important to build and develop a stable and continuous relationship of collaboration with the universities of the various countries to guarantee an ever-increasing scientific quality of its research activities

The IFO Observatory has developed collaborative relationships with Universities such as the Polytechnic of Milan, with important editorial publications in the sector, and collaboration agreements are being defined in various countries of the world with various research institutes, universities and institutions and associations public, with the aim of realizing in a detailed and scientific way studies of high professional profile that lead to an ever greater knowledge of the Fitness market

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Contact us


IFO Email

Address for Europe

EGERIA s.r.l.

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